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Our Vision

To provide detailed descriptions and new information on case reports that reflect clinical investigations and basic medical research progress. To serve as premiere source in medicine to improve global health. To share clinical knowledge comprising design, analysis, conduct, regulation, and ethics.


Aims and Scope

International Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Reports accepts clinical case presentations, clinical systematic reviews, editorials, short communications, clinical opinions, clinical images, surgical videos, clinical trials, etc. The journal accepts articles that fall within the scope of the clinical research and trials that includes clinical medicine, clinical practices, screening and diagnostic trails, treatment and preventive trails, new therapeutic strategies, new approaches in surgical procedures, nursing, pathology result papers, clinical rehabilitation and behavioral treatment and other aspects of health care along with new ways to improve quality life of people with illness. The journal aims to improve the quality and conduct of clinical trials all over the world by facilitating complete transparency in evidence-based research of clinical trials. The journal arranges an international platform where the scientific community of clinicians, residents, doctors, researchers, and academic scholars will communicate with each other about in-depth descriptions, interpretations and various analysis reports that they have learned during their trials which will help to improve the design and refine innovative approaches of future clinical trials.

The journal covers a wide range of all medical disciplines and its related topics such as:

  • Allergy & Immunology Case reports
  • Anesthesiology Case reports
  • Cancer Clinical Trials
  • Cardiovascular Case Reports
  • Clinical Pathological case reports
  • Nanotechnology case reports
  • Psychology Case Reports
  • Clinical Research & Bioethics
  • Clinical Trials
  • Clinical Reviews
  • Dentistry Case reports
  • Oral Medicine Case reports
  • Dermatology Case reports
  • Diabetology Case reports
  • Emergency Medicine Case reports
  • Critical Care Case reports
  • ENT Case reports
  • Endocrinology, Diabetes Case reports
  • Forensic and Legal Medicine Case reports
  • Gastroenterology Case reports
  • Geriatric Medicine Case reports
  • Gynaecology Case reports
  • Hematology Case reports
  • HIV Clinical Trials
  • Infectious Disease Case reports
  • Infertility Case reports
  • Internal Medicine Case reports
  • Medical Case Reports
  • Neonatology Case reports
  • Nephrology Case reports
  • Neurological Surgery Case reports
  • Neurology Case reports
  • Nuclear Medicine Case reports
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Case reports
  • Orthopedics & Rheumatology Case reports
  • Otolaryngology Case reports
  • Pain Management Case reports
  • Pediatrics Case reports
  • Pharmacology and Therapeutics Case reports
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Case reports
  • Physiotherapy Case reports
  • Preventive Medicine Case reports
  • Psychiatry Case reports
  • Pulmonary Disease Case reports
  • Radiation Oncology Case reports
  • Radiology Case reports
  • Respiratory Medicine Case reports
  • Sexual Health Case reports
  • Sleep Disorders & Sleep Studies Case reports
  • Surgical Case reports
  • Vascular Medicine Case reports
  • Women's Health Case reports

Editorial Board

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Takuma Hayashi

Shinshu University School of Medicine

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Osamu Tanaka

Asahi University Hospital

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Alireza Heidari

California South University

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Tong Ming Liu

Institute of Medical Biology


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